Poverty? If you’re in the USA, our poverty is riches by comparison.

Oh you’re absolutely right as well. Still though, some things that poverty requires people to do would be unfathomable in the USA.
I have a friend who is Filipino. She is learning English. She was surprised to learn that we don’t have a direct equivalent for “Double-dead meat”.
We make jokes about Chinese food and cats, or rednecks eating roadkill… but it’s a genuine problem over there. Merchants take dead animals off of the street and sell them as if it is fresh meat.
Illegal, but quite common. Unimaginable in the USA. McDonald’s is safe. Almost any meat you buy in the USA is safe to eat. We get to complain about genetic modification… they have to worry about diseased animals being sold in fancy restaurants or at butchers.
Or police. We have problems over here – if you are black and encounter the police, there’s a good chance you’ll get racially stereotyped and treated differently – even killed from a misunderstanding – and very quickly. That’s a REAL problem.
Yet, Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Afganistan, Somalia, Iraq, Burma, Kenya, Mexico and Haita are all known for having just as big or bigger problems with their police forces.
For a short time I helped restore houses which were damaged by a hurricane – helped my brother out on a job he was doing.
A team of mexican immigrants were also there to help. Did they have housing? No. Hotel? No. Motel? No. They considered themselves lucky because they were allowed to stay in a single house that was being renovated during the course of the project.
How many?
EVERY ROOM had mattresses in there. Wall to wall air mattresses. Whole families slept together, wall to wall people. Why? Because… that was it. They went where the work is.
They were glad because it was dry and it was a little income and it’s far better at its worst than the best they could have done where they came from.
I’m not saying “don’t be ungrateful” and I _agree_ that “it’s all relative”.
But… our _expectations_ are MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH HIGHER.
I can’t afford to get my own place. I live in a house with my inlaws and such. 12-15 in this house because none of us can do it alone. Friends with less money sometimes stay here.
Can’t get your own place? Have to sleep on a couch? It’s not that bad.
Yes, housing is overpriced. Yes, it’s not right. yes, it’s unfair.
There’s housing to be had, even if it’s staying with friends. We can complain without getting shot… unless we’re black males under 25…. We have the Internet to complain on. Or a library to get Internet on.
I’m not saying “don’t fight for injustice”. I agree that we should fight for injustice.
Is it a first world problem? Or a human rights violation that the United Nations is trying to do something about?
I’m not asking for you to have “white guilt”. Just consider at least a _few_ of the things to be grateful for.

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