Post modern critique of … Health science? What? 

I’m reading this and after the 2nd page I’m laughing at its ridiculousness. I don’t mind post modern critiques : sometimes they can uncover a hidden point or two. But I read this and they’re attacking HEALTH sciences. Health sciences! That field IS one of the strictest and most thoroughly correlated sciences. They’re dealing with things like epidemics and such. Real lives of real people. Ok if they want to make a point that ppl are more than numbers, or that the results are mistakenly shown to be the causes… That might be worthy of a look. But the way they try to deconstruct the health sciences and frame it in terms of power and class struggles is simple mindbogglingly ridiculous. I mean MAYBE they’re onto something. But i doubt it. I’d have to read the whole thing but to be honest it seems like a waste of space and time…. At least my own.

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