Popped on the TV this afternoon.

^Popped on the TV this afternoon. It was stuck on Cartoon Network, after watching Family Guy or something like it on Adult Swim last night before bed. THIS – THIS very thing came on. A blind and deaf royal guard of the royal tarts comes on and gives this strange monologue. The show is Adventure Time, which I'm only dimly aware of as a kids show. I'd like to say that it probably made sense in the context of the show, but I honestly have no idea. i just know I looked at this scene 3 times as it kinda spooked me to see it on my TV and now it sort of makes sense. I think. Don't be too spooked by the teeth – I think they all have bad teeth on the show – or maybe it's like kids' missing baby teeth – I haven't thought much of it through. I just know it spooked me a little and I thought I'd share.^

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