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That’s “neutral/conflicted” option was perfect for me. I have strongly mixed feelings on Capitalism yet not enough to throw it away but not enough to embrace it either.

It’s not so much uncertain, more like being stuck eating food that tastes nasty and bitter but it’s food for now.



Thing is, it’s not that I’m neutral on those things. I doubt I’m neutral on most of my neutral picks. Conflicted is correct.

Example: There was a question about the importance of teaching history as it improves a sense of national pride.

How can I answer that? I find the teaching of history a VERY important subject that’s done POORLY in too many schools.

So: Is teaching history important? Damn it sure is. Hit me up with Absolutely Agree! BUT…

…for the sense of national pride. Well, shit that’s just what’s WRONG with how history is being taught.

So, what do I say to that question?

Can’t deny the importance of teaching history.
But using it for national pride is not teaching history, it’s teaching propaganda.

So, I had to go with “conflicted”.


It was only translated to English in Dec 2017 from French. But I like it because it really forced me to consider some difficult things for me. Each answer, including neutral was hard-won and hardly liberal. I think if there was no neutral, I’d have to have abandoned the test.


My special badge had:
“Pragmatism : politics objectively boil down to looking at where the problems are and trying to solve them according to the means available.”


I don’t want everyone to be pragmatic either. I think it’s just a recognition of a special quality they picked out.


Not everybody does — it just means I’m sort of obsessively pragmatic I think. I like your results though and would gladly share a society with you.



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