Politics and the USA – we’re designed for sameness and that’s ok

Yes – we have a strange system. I think though, the biggest reason why our “ways” are so entrenched is simply because the USA is so _huge_.

Finland can afford to change their constitution, be more modern and enlightened because they ha
ve less people to hold it back from change. But here in the USA, we’re 50 countries that _somehow_ manage to not kill each other, start wars, etc.

Federal changes are usually nullified by the time they get to state and local politics, and especially down the to level of individuals.

Finland is lucky they’re small. I’m a little envious of their flexibility honestly

Honestly, I’d prefer a system similar to theirs, or to other countries which allow for multiple parties (than just 2) and maybe even one of those systems where we get representation of groups that are proportional to the votes attained. I dunno. I wouldn’t want to be in charge. I’d probably mess it all up

True – we do care it’s just our system is designed for everything to stay the same as much as possible. We seem to strive to keep our successes rather than fix our failures and go overboard in our ‘sameness

lol that’s true. it is weird how our representatives get re-elected over and over and over again. But he’s right; Americans generally don’t like change. We have the *power* to change things (assuming a competing party has the money and clout to fight and convince people)…. but I think in your msg that JUST came up says it all:

we’re just trying to make it as best we can. Politics is a game for the uber-rich and most Americans simply aren’t

A study last year showed that the USA is now an Oligarchy. If you talk to your friend again, you can mention that. We pretend to be a representative democracy, but we’re not. We’re a little more like China and a little less like Finland, except on the surface

It would be almost depressing except we got our Internet, TV, sports and all sorts of things to keep us busy with the US is generally a nice place to live

And thanks – I like the Teddy Bear too I thought it up in the middle of a debate about nothing important a few people were having online and I thought, “wow they’re fighting like it’s THE END OF THE WORLD but they sound like they’re bickering over a toy”….

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