Politically, Kenneth Udut is more Dalai Lama than the Dalai Lama

1st + Last Post on my politics in 25 yrs online. I out Lama’d the Dalai Lama! lol
I always said I don’t care for politics.  So, I never looked into it.  I like voting, so I do it. I figure out what matters to me and the rest, I just go by gut.  But tonight, I decided to find out: What’s my politics?  Just get it over with.  Swallow the bitter pill and find out.  So I took fun little test at: http://www.politicalcompass.org/test and, well, now I know.  I’m apparently in the same political corner with the Dalai Lama. So, gosh darn it, there goes my aspirations for a political career.  Oh wait… I never had one :-P  There.  My one and only post in 25 years on the Internet on my political leanings…. now that I know I actually have one… apparently.



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