Poetry. Practical poetry. Symbolic logic and mathematics are practical poetries.

well, the 2 *does* retain the same quantity value – this is true – hence the power of quantum vs wave-style subatomic models. [quanta/count]

And… actually, the 2 changes meaning depending on context. THAT’S its power.

I have two oranges.
I have two planets.

2 doesn’t = 2 in any respect *except for* quantity. Yes, it’s flipping it on its ear but consider it.

2 inches.
2 miles.

1 of the first item means something very different than 1 of the second item, with the exception of being a metric, an agnostic convenience relating a thing to itself.

Can you see how numbers are poetic? So is symbolic logic – a form of very precise poetry. Listen to the adoration people who engage regularly in symbolic logic or mathematics speak of it; it is poetry to them. A person of higher mathematics will practically become teary eyed over an elegent formulas as a writer becomes teary eyed over the perfect sentence, which expresses meaning succinctly.

Poetry. Practical poetry.

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