Plus, no DC, no batteries. No batteries, no wireless anything. We need both.

I was raised in NJ, Edison’s home state.  We were pumped with “Edison is Awesome” stuff as well as “Tesla is Awesome” stuff.  If you think about it, had the world gone to DC instead of AC, there’d be no need for transformers.  The only reason we need transformers is because almost almost EVERYTHING ACTUALLY RUNS on DC instead of AC.

Anyway, I just wanted to set the record straight regarding Tesla.  I don’t buy the Edison=Evil propaganda because he gave a lot of inventors jobs and money and had the marketing machine to get lots of ideas out there that would’ve been lost in people’s home garages instead.

I feel bad that Tesla didn’t get his wireless electricity though.  That was his big dream.

Plus, no DC, no batteries.  No batteries, no wireless anything.  We need both.

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