Plus I have an editing issue: I like to get things out and done

awesome – you got my envy. I have neverending music playing in my head, all stuff I’ll probably never hear out loud. Young, learned to play the piano as fast as I could to get them all out, but it was never fast enough. Music creation via computer just too slow for me. Plus I have an editing issue: I like to get things out and done. Revisiting something I just did and tweaking and retweaking gives me hives. Goes for writing, music, whatever.

Need for speed I guess. I envy ppl with patience. I mean I have bucketloads of patience, just not in some of the areas I’d like it to be in smile emoticon

With the Korg, I’d make a few sounds real quick, set the arpeggiator thing to some interesting pattern, turn on my cassette 4-track (yes cassette, this is how long ago since I had the thing plugged in on a regular basis), hit record, and just play, changing settings as I went along, replacing tapes when they got full, and stopped when I got bored.


nice – yeah mine was a fostex. Yeah sequencer – not arpeggiator – man, I forgot the terminology heh.

Yeah, mine was piano lessons from 5+, was supposed to do julliard at 11, but after some special lessons for it, I was like, “Not for me mom, please” – because I imagined the lifestyle of them trying to mold me into perfection and I just couldn’t stand the idea. Glad she listened too.

7th grade band teacher throw every instrument at me, except flute and drums. Picked up guitar along the way on my own, but nothing beyond the chords and some riffs here and there. The callouses were awful at first… I thought they’d never heal.

Picked up a cello from ebay once just to try bowed. $50 straight from china back in ’01. Had fun, found it hurt my back, sold it at Xmas for $200 to some guy whose girl wanted to learn. They were happy with it and I made a profit.

Nowadays, I remix other ppls stuff. I live in Audacity. I’ve made about 11,000 Vines in the past 2+ yrs of ridiculousness, a lot just me being a goofball, but probably 1/3 of them are edits where I take something, stick someone else’s music I stole from youtube to it.

Or I’ll do musical experiments. I found a neat thing someone wrote that converts wav to midi piano. Waon I think it’s called. Had some fun making myself into a talking piano.

Or doing weird things like finding the Midi song and running it through a virtual pipe organ (GrandOrgue), or just the other day, I took a piece of Muzak and stretched it out 800x so it sounded like an epic masterpiece instead of …. well, muzak.

So, even though the stuff in my head doesn’t get to see the light of day, I’m always working on something fun smile emoticon

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