Plus her arrogance may force her to keep her word.

I’m not so concerned about Trump himself. The Constitution is more powerful than anybody who takes office. Period. I have zero doubts about that.

We may swing in a direction I don’t like but four years passes by and if we end up in a conservative supreme court, some people will gain more rights, other people will lose more rights but in GENERAL the country will continue long enough to see the other side of it…. eventually.

But… it’s the people. The Trump fandom. I don’t like what that inspires.
By the same token that’s why I’d prefer a Hiliary Clinton, if I had to chose between two – and I may go with Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. I don’t know and haven’t decided.

If I had a solely binary choice, *is* Clinton dogmatic or is she more flexible? She may be lying, cheating scum but she appears to be more flexible overall.

Plus her arrogance may force her to keep her word.

Then again, same can be said for Trump, although less likely. He can say “I’m Trump. I change my mind. Amazing!” and people will be ok with it. She doesn’t have the personality cult, so she’ll be compelled to comply with whatever promises she made, because there’s so many that want to see her fail miserably.

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