PLC programming – the circuit basics are like stepping inside of my computer and walking around.

Did I share this already?  I’m really impressed about this. I’ve always been a computer guy.  Straight to programming.  All the “before” stuff I understood already in a general way (0’s and 1’s are basically telegraph key presses) but the way he goes through this slowly and carefully and thoroughly is really amazing.  He filled in ALL sorts of little gaps in my knowledge from an entirely different perspective than I’m used to.

If you do ANY programming, watch this stuff.  Go through it.  You’ll walk away very impressed the stuff your computer/phone/tablet is doing… because THIS is the stuff it comes from.  This.

Expect a headache; the language is not what you’re used to if you never did electrical engineering/controls stuff.  It feels like stepping inside of my computer and walking around the circuits.


What impresses me is that I never realized the technical difficulties that they must’ve gone through for the miniturization of this stuff to end up in the form that we use today.


Consider how these circuits were reduced to the level of electrons and electron holes.. and now we’re trying to go further… it’s sinking in.

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