#Plan55A – I’ve been looking for you.

#Plan55A – I’ve been looking for you.
Going through some old NSFNet documents, I came across a reference to ““Information Flow in Large Communication Nets” by Leonard Kleinrock in 1961, who is yet *another* individual who is credited with inventing the internet.
Of course the answer is that it was the effort of many people with similar ideas, some working independently and having influence and others working within existing hierarchical structures.
But Plan 55-A is something I’ve been looking for: A pragmatic source of the store-and-forward model that our internet depends on. I’d heard long ago that Western Union was key in the development of the internet but that bit of information seemed to fall to the wayside and barely show up after a while and I’d long forgotten their role.
Reading up on it again now.
 Thank you Western Union for the #reperperforator.
 Hello fellow telegraph operator.

#Plan55a was to automate utilizing these headers along with a network topography.

We’re using the results of this at present.






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