ping pong of art influence between east and west

Via my friend J.K.:

I saw influences of Ancient Greece in Japan. Because it came along the silk road with Buddhist practices… Which came from Northern India… Where Alexander the Great’s path of destruction led to.

I guess I should have qualified “in art”. And they returned that influence in the early 1800’s when Ukio-E influenced the likes of Monet and other impressionists. And then Disney invaded them in the 20th c., and they threw back Manga and Anime, and Steve Jobs/Apple product design was heavily influenced by the Japanese… So artistically, Japan has ping-ponged art and aesthetics back and forth with the west in all its forms as far back as the Ancient Greeks. My point was just in saying I saw evidence of Ancient Greek influence, which I found surprising, as I thought it WAS a clear divide between west & east.

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