Pine A64 – I hope it ships.

I hope it ships. I’d like to see a lot of these around. I wanted the Pi but I’ve been watching the competitors to see who brings improvements and a cheaper product. I’ll still wait but when I see this successfully shipping (with a decent ship time like a few days to a week and not backlogged… which to me is the sign of a functional company that will be there to provide support a year or two down the line) – I’ll be right on it smile emoticon


Same. I saw the potential in the Pi and love what ppl have done with it. I’ve seen a few competitors, some which remain successful but many more than folded not long after they started.

So, I want to make sure this is solid and will stick around first. But if they succeed beyond a kickstarter and the first shipment of units and are a solid company to trust, I’ll definitely order it, assuming the accessories aren’t where the profit comes in. Fingers crossed!



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