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It’s really rare that I find an author whose way of thinking and way of approaching an understanding the nature of things really fits my own (or mine fits theirs) but I think I found it in George Johnson, a science writer who isn’t a scientist.

I just started reading his 2004 book on Quantum Computing and his style and way of thinking and how he freely zooms in and zooms out of things really “clicks” with me, to where I feel as if I was writing this.

Really rare. Last time I really felt that was with Kenneth Rogoff way back when I was investing and read him on CBS Marketwatch back in 99/00.

Right now I’m watching a vlog thing he does for bloggingheads tv and hearing him go back and forth with another guy on “Reasonable Skepticism”, I know that as I go through this short book, I’ll enjoy it all.

Below, he’s on a Colbert show back in 2008 showing an experiment from one of his other books.

Yup. I’m a fan. Feels like “that’s me” from an alt reality.

Currently watching this first though:
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