Philosophy online is non-existent, unless you’re Kenneth Udut, who is *awesome*

“Philosophy online is non-existent, unless you’re Kenneth Udut, who is *awesome**

your opinions in real life: well expressed, often agreed with

your opinions online: non-existent

philosophy irl: everyone is curious to know about your religion, your views on life and death, and what you think of the world, simply cause it’s different from theirs.

philosophy online: *non-existent ASF

. . . unless you’re +KENNETH UDUT who is awesome*


O_O I’m speechless* and don’t deserve this but… _thank you_ :D <3 xD +Sora “Spark-knight” Nioheart – i find other ppls opinions and ideas about things way more interesting than my own… so when I *do* come up with something it’s kinda like a combination of other people’s awesomeness all stirred together as best I can.   I don’t find the words and ideas of dead people all that interesting as I do the words and ideas of people I can actually type “Hi!” to online. Thanks Sora – i feel like I won a nobel prize… and I’m expecting Kanye to come up and try to take it away… although he’s funny.  Silly guy makes me laugh.  Great meme material.
* not speechless.  Oops!

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