Philosophy is the FatherThe Sciences are the Sons of Philosophy.


If you want to be REALLY practical Nagib Morshed – get rid of Science and replace it with Engineering and Mathematics. All the Science will happen *anyway* within Engineering and stuff will get built, instead of people just thinking about stuff and verifying things a few times.

I’m not being satirical. Modern Science was born of something called “Natural Philosophy” a few centuries ago.

The methodologies utilized by the sciences have been used in some form for thousands of years of course, but its modern form called “Science” is very new on the world scene. It’s a branch of Philosophy.
The Sciences are not self-conscious enough to stand alone without Philosophy around. They cannot be objective about THEMSELVES.

Philosophy is the Father
The Sciences are the Sons of Philosophy.

Can’t kill the father as long as the kids are still young. Sometimes they get into trouble and need help, even if they’re teenagers now.

Well, I don’t think there’s a threat of Philosophy funding overtaking Sciences anytime soon. Besides, it’s practical for Science to have philosophy around. There are borderline cases where Science gets questionable and Philosophy needs to come in:

A friend of mine named George Ellis in theoretical physics called a conference bringing together Philosophers and Theoretical Physicists to discuss the future of String Theory’s categorization.

You would perhaps. But why was this conference called by a Theoretical Physicist?

Because Science was turning into a Religion.

And that has to stop pronto. Science isn’t self-conscious enough to do it by itself.

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