Philosophy and Physics and String Theory – does Science get to change or is it Metaphysics?

Oh I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for a LONG LONG time now. It’s controversial but necessary: Getting philosophers and physicists together in a room to discuss HOW to best consider String Theory.

Is it a Science? Is it Metaphysics? It may be beautiful but beauty doesn’t always = truth. 19th century had some amazingly beautiful theories involving vortexes and the ether that rival many formulations of string theory in beauty, for example.

It was a necessary conference and it should help clarify things a little better. We’ve been teeter-tottering at a point where String Theories (and not just String theory but primarily) has been leaving the world of Science and has entered into Metaphysics yet without a label change.

Do the definitions of Science get to change? If they do, what after effects would that have? If not, can these theories survive a label change into Metaphysics or something else? Will funding be available for Metaphysics?

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