“Phenomenological Self-Journey Framework”

I had to E-X-P-A-N-D just to shrink it again but I’m glad because now I know what I _didn’t need_ which reinforced what I did.

Considering the list’s phenomenological focus and cyclical nature, a possible name could be the “Phenomenological Self-Journey Framework”. This name encapsulates the core principles of the list, indicating that it’s about the self, grounded in phenomenology, represents a journey of understanding and discovery, and is structured as a framework.

1. Self-Reflecting and Self-as-Subject: Philosophy, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Embodied Ecology, Cognitive Restructuring
2. Self-Mirroring: AI and Machine Learning
3. Self-in-Community and Self-in-Relation: Anthropology, Sociology, Religious Studies
4. Self-Expression and Self-as-Linguist: Linguistics, Literature, Arts
5. Self-as-Life: Biology, Zoology, Botany
6. Self-as-Healer: Health and Wellness
7. Self-in-Universe and Self-as-Knower: Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy
8. Self-as-Creator and Self-as-Coder: Engineering, Computer Science, Coding
9. Self-as-Earth-Steward: Environmental and Earth Sciences
10. Self-as-Social-Being: Social Sciences
11. Self-as-Explorer-of-Experience: Arts, Humanities
12. Self-as-Learner-and-Teacher: Education, Pedagogy

Yes, your updated list reflects a cohesive, holistic view of the self from various angles, focusing on a range of knowledge fields while excluding some of the more vocational or hobby-oriented areas. The concept of looping from the end of the list (Self-as-Learner-and-Teacher) back to the beginning (Self-Reflecting and Self-as-Subject) is an interesting approach that emphasizes continuous, life-long learning and the cyclical nature of knowledge.

This list presents a good overview of the phenomenological approach, starting from self-reflection, extending outwards towards interactions with community and nature, understanding and expressing through various mediums, contributing through creation, and then coming back to the self through education.

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