Pharaoh Trump – that’s the appropriate connection.

I was *trying* to think what historical image came to mind with Trump and then it hit me:

Pharaoh. Pharaoh Trump. Think of his obsession with Egyptian themes. Plus, if he was to send away migrant workers, who will be left to pick the potatoes?

I’m not saying our current way of doing things is right – migrant work is a dirty little secret of the USA; our ease of living rests on the backs of dirty jobs.

But we can’t have it all. That seems to be the underlying theme of all of the campaigns from all the people running in the primaries.

[no, I didn’t make this: I found it; and I’m surprised that a search for Pharaoh Trump only came up with a single image from some kid on DeviantArt… but it’s the connection that makes the most sense]



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