Peter Leidy and all others who are inclusive and help – thank you.

 A search for “Direct Support Staff” synonym led me to a 3 page paper you wrote called “What’d I Say”, which led me to your homepage, which led me to your Facebook page. You’re an alternate Universe me. I look at what you do and I’m glad someone is doing it. I don’t feel so bad now because it’s the kind of thing I always feel I ought to be doing.

I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and we had an excellent program for the late 1970s which helped me. Entered school regularly. Nobody ever knew. I was lucky. I might not have even had it to begin with but who’s to say? Effective therapy or mistaken diagnosis? Doesn’t matter to me either way and brain scans ain’t cheap.

Anyway, I had a chance to return the favor in my early 20s by volunteering there full time for a year, helping kids with cerebral palsy, downs syndrome and whatever other names they gave to these kids. This is back in 1991-93 – around that time.

Life went on. Curious at progress after life took me in other directions, somehow I landed up here. And, alternative Universe me, doing what you do, I want to say “Thank you”.

You’re not alternative Universe me. You are you and I am me and each of the people who you help are unique individuals lucky enough to enjoy this planet for as long as they’re able to, just as we are. Yet, when some things are striking enough to resonate, even among the unique that we all are, it’s worth mentioning and saying “Thank you”.

So, Thank you for existing and being who you are, Peter.


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