pessimist and optimism


  • I’m a pessimist wearing the cloak of an optimist. I believe in belief, although I don’t always believe it myself. Victor Enesi Ipemida -
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  • Victor Enesi Ipemida Kenneth Udut, you always have a way with words
  • Kenneth Udut Victor Enesi Ipemida Thanks I actually didn’t realize this myself until the other day. A female friend of mine from long ago asked me some questions about herself. I gave her my thoughts.

    Then she summarized, “So, are you saying I’m a “glass half full” kinda gal? My husband hears me complaining about the state of the world and he says, “That’s just how it is, it’s just how people are.”

    I really had to think about it.

    Is she an optimist after all? am I a pessimist? Where did I fit?

    I always believed myself an optimist. But then I realized at that moment, that SHE’S an optimist wearing the cloak of pessimism. Listening to her you’d think she was the most pessimistic person on the planet.

    But she’s not. She just couldn’t see it.

    And so, I realized that I’m actually a PESSIMIST wearing the cloak of optimism.

    Yet, we’re both searching for optimism, just through different means.

    I try to learn something new about myself daily. That “rate of change” thing is a good one.
  • Kenneth Udut In short, the optimist to the core, pushes away pessimism with the sheer force of their optimism. When something sounds good, they believe it and go with it completely. They’re quicker to trust, even though they don’t always think so or see it. They complain a lot because, at the core, they believe the world shouldn’t be as it is… and they really believe it can get better.

    But a pessimist to the core, pushes away pessimism by HEALING: patching up the pessimism with a coating of optimism, or digging DEEP to the cancer of pessimism and extracting it… putting ointment in the wounds, all the while saying, “You’ll be fine!” until the patient believes it… all the while thinking, “I hope the patient doesn’t die”.

    A pessimist _hopes_ it gets better, but doesn’t expect it.


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