Perspective is important to me when reading history. [reading “Destiny Disrupted]

Oh absolutely :) I was going to look at the documentary but instead I went on a scavenger hunt and came across: “Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes”. I ‘found’ a copy of it and I’ll scroll through it to fill in some knowledge gaps.

Perspective is important to me and even in Destiny Disrupted, the author spent most of his life in the West and adopted an interest in Western values as a child while growing up in the middle east. But he has the benefit of having had to write American school history textbooks, so I’m hopeful his broad knowledge of history will be enlightening.

I wouldn’t have looked it up if you hadn’t posted about this documentary you saw, so I appreciate it!

I’m already familiar enough with much of Western European history of the period, a litle bit Rus. I’m lacking on Eastern Europe but I have a decent Byzantine history knowledge. So, hopefully I’ll get one of my gaps filled in a little better at least.

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