Perhaps they see it in reverse? That they’re being oppressed? Perhaps. But it’s unconvincing.

Well, this was fun.
One of my comments – this one – must’ve gotten a gang of reports to FB enough for me to have to “review the community standards”.

Those guys that have been trolling the forums for “White Rights”? Yeah. Them.

Anyway, they are an annoying presence. Thug behavior like this (multiple coordinated reports in order to force Facebook’s hand) takes away from the group’s ebb and flow, becoming a personal battleground for a singular perspective to dominate.

Perhaps they see it in reverse? That they’re being oppressed?

Perhaps. But it’s unconvincing.

I’m not an admin, so my voice does not have any weight behind it.

But if their coordinated effort was to prove a point, it did, but not the point they were shooting for.

They just dug their hole a little deeper in my mind: Group of bullies descending on a group, taking over the group discussions. [when is the last time there was a decent conversation about Heidegger on them? I’d say it’s been months].

Anyway, I’m not suggesting action, just registering an irritation.


Now, if somebody _understands_ what is supposed to be offensive about this, I’ll be happy to listen.

I understand Facebook’s removal of it of course: it’s easy enough to twist guidelines around to suit alternative viewpoints and a barrage of complaints about a single comment will cause a person to have to through the “please review our terms of service” schtick.

It’s an ancient trick: I remember it back in the American Online days, 20+ years ago. Same deal, different network.

But if there is something _genuinely_ offensive about it? Please lemme know. It’s a viewpoint I never had sympathy for, so perhaps I’m ignorant.


ah yeah, the 4channers. I’ve seen other odd echo chambers come out of there – anonymous years ago and others as well, but this one has been a particularly interesting trendy trend.


At one time, I’d just see anime girls with hitler mustaches. it was funny. I was like, ‘k, it’s the 4chan kids again”.

But the kids got older and older and older, entered voting age and well, here’s one of the products of the Internet.


I wouldn’t say that 4chan produced anything huge though.
Statistically, they’re marginal.
But working in small packs, it’s possible to give the illusion of grandness and power.


I don’t worry excessively about Trump though. His wings would be clipped the moment he takes the oath and he knows he doesn’t have to hold to a single campaign promise.



When I see Trump, I see… oh, what’s his name? Ah yes. Dan Quayle. He’s Dan Quayle to me.

Riot wise? I dunno – maybe during the election process. But whoever wins, wins. People always get hot and bothered during election cycles. This one has been more interesting. Maybe I’m “just being naive” but I think a bored populace is looking for some sports excitement, and this is bringing it for them.



Just don’t get taken up too much by the news. They need to generate excitement so that we watch them longer so that they can prove to their advertisers that it’s worth putting their ads there in order to fund the news program.

The content doesn’t matter so much to the news organizations but the draw.

Trump draws. So, whatever’s most exciting makes it. And people get excited.



Well, the system is stronger than Trump can possibly be. That’s why I don’t worry at all.

Sure, he can declare war without Congress. They all can, and if history tells the tale correctly, they all do.

Beyond that, anything a combination of congress and himself might put into place that doesn’t jive with the balance of things, will get overturned by whoever follows him in 4 or 8 yrs time.

People made a big deal about Obama. I hardly noticed him.

People made a big deal about Bush. I hardly noticed him, although a little more than Obama because Bush made funny faces sometimes.

But the war thing didn’t surprise me. I see it with all of ‘em.


Protectionism would definitely start that. Both Trump and Sanders are protectionists and will bring in trade problems if they win. Yet Globalism’s issues are well known and problematic, so continuing THAT course can also be problematic.

So, I dunno. Curtail parts of globalism, incorporating bits of protectionism? I haven’t a clue what the right next course would be.


it’s popular among the kids too. Kids around 9-12 yrs old are creating little “v-Nazi” groups and sharing a lot of the 4chan anime stuff. They’re having fun with it. I don’t think they’re right wing but I see them all over Vine, toying with the stuff.


The 9-11 dank memes are hysterically inappropriately funny. Girl kicks her shoe off, flies off the screen, next scene is the twin towers falling. Generation Z is mocking all the stuff that Gen Y and X are OH so serious about tongue emoticon


Future’s not in 4chan. 4chan’s GenY’s territory. Gotta go with the generation that’s being raised exclusively online.






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