Perfection is a myth that we’re easily drawn to.

Perfection is a myth of the mind and we’re easily drawn to it because we humans _really_ do enjoy patterns, and especially finding and creating patterns that have self-consistency.

Sometimes we mistake the world around us for our visions and think of the world like a sculpture to be carved, or a machine to be constructed.

But it’s neither. it’s the world. It’s the Universe. It is what it is.

Improvement is relative. Current culture hangs our hopes on the “near future” for being the answer and that’s fine. But Past progress does not equate to future performance.

I played the stocks (slowly not the fast way) back in 1999-2002 – did well; it’s just pattern recognition.

But I remember people getting caught up in the “Dow over 30,000″ and concepts like those. A boss of my boss gave me a book when he saw my interest in investing. It was saying how companies like Enron were The Future and such. In fact, after the crash, I looked through the book and EVERY ONE of the companies mentioned went to shit.

But, I didn’t invest in any of them. Why?

Innovation is nice. But most things happen in cycles just the same.

Besides, humans are still stuck with the same old 100,000 year old hardware and software running, to use a computer analogy. Our networking skills may improve but we’re still working with a 5 cent calculator chip up there. Amazing what we can do with it though.

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