perfect words

Oh, absolutely. And I’m sorry Amy. It is very easy for me to say all of these ideas. But you are deep in the trenches. You live it day in and day out. And I cannot imagine what the experience for you is day in and day out.

I hope I did not make it seem To be yet another person who points the finger at the mother or father and say “the child is innocent. It’s all on you” And, looking back at the post, that is how it seems. It was very one sided, and it was only a train of thought. It is very incomplete, it is one-sided, and I deeply apologize if I was insensitive.

I truly am sorry.

Part of what I am trying to accomplish, is a way to help everybody. A way that nobody has to change who they are or much of what they do, But rather to be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Or, a way to navigate having to handle multiple demands by multiple people at the same time.

That is what got me started. Running a business and people and trying to help many many people with their problems both professionally and personally.

And I believe there is something at the center of everything, that is somewhat similar to the slipknot in a shoe lace.

I don’t believe it to be just a metaphor. But, actually what the uncertain electron or photon looks like.

It is the actual shape of uncertainty.

And we live inside of this knotted shoelace. We travel through these knots.

It can be a loose knot. It can be a tight knot. Sometimes, It can be so tight that you are navigating around inside of very compressed laces.

I believe it to be the shape of our experience.

Because, I believe, we are really large groups of photons living inside of neurons inside of brain matter inside of our heads connected to our fingers and toes and engaging with the world around us with these bodies.

And these bodies have to engage with the world. And with other bodies. And with bodies who have their own minds and neurons and electrons and protons.

And some of these we are responsible for in one shape or another.

My hope, my dream, is to be able to find the core. And from the core expand outwards to every conflict, every misunderstanding, every human trouble that we face.

And in the process, I hope to find perfect words. That will not be misunderstood, that will be correct. That will help people untie their shoelaces and take their shoes off and kick their feet up and learn to relax, even in the middle of the most stressful and impossible Of situations.

I haven’t found it yet. And maybe I never will. But I think I will. And again, I deeply apologize. I don’t know what you are going through Amy. But my heart is with you.


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