perfect sets of words – always searching for them.

Perfect? What *is* that? I’ve heard lots of nice words and concepts through my life but perfect?

I’m always on the search for perfect sets of words to say to people who want me to say certain things. [usually when they are upset or some moment where their emotions are getting an excessive grip on their reasoning processes and they can’t see it].

I come close sometimes. Usually “good enough”.

But every time I find something that seems perfect [speaking of ideologies here], there’s The Fatal Flaw. I don’t reject things with The Fatal Flaw (because I haven’t found anything WITHOUT a Fatal Flaw yet) but I use them as tools for what they are good for, and no more than that.

I can’t speak about Law. I don’t see words as magical but rather degrees of effectiveness.
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Kenneth Udut I have the same opinion about numbers. To me, numbers are words that have a different grammar system.
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Kenneth Udut Forms. Templates. That’s Plato. Ideals. Idealism. Timeless, Eternal Truths. No, no, I don’t believe in those. Not yet. I’m hoping to find some. Still looking.

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