Perception test: 50ms and under. Can you see/hear the lag?

Perception test: 50ms and under.
I took “The fastest flute player”, playing Flight of the Bumblebee at 300 BPM, translated it to MIDI (using waon) and overlaid a MIDI Piano that is perfectly synchronized.
Can you perceive the difference between flute and piano and/or between piano and watching his fingers move?
If you can, that’s VERY very fast indeed. Consider:
a) At 300 BPM, each note of the song, which are all 16th notes, is 50ms each.
b) The piano and flute and visual is NEARLY synchronized.
c) 50ms = 20 frames per second. Same speed that movies run at to create the illusion of movement.
It’s not only due to visual/auditory matching lag time in your brain because the flute notes are PERFECTLY synchronized to the visuals.
The piano notes are VERY NEARLY perfectly synchronized. The difference is under 50ms and you can probably perceive it.
The visual systems can perceive changes as fast as 13 ms. That’s extraordinarily fast and is a goal for multiplayer gaming developers to achieve. Ping times of 13ms and under are entirely undetectable. Once upon a time, they thought it was 100ms. They were wrong.

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