*People underestimate learn

*People underestimate learning or don’t understand how awesome it really is – it has nothing to do with school* It’s about *compressing Time Itself* I think of it this way:

You got a guy that spent 10,000 hours of their life learning something. (12 hrs a day, for about 2 years). All that Time. In that time, he figured out some Rules that ALWAYS work.

He teaches you a rule. That rule might have taken him 1000 hours of EXPERIENCE but you learn it in just 20 minutes. You learn the rule, run it through your head a whole bunch of times, write it down, memorize it, completely understand it.

1000 hr * 60 = 60000 minutes.

20 minutes / 60000 minutes = 0.03%

It took you 0.03% of the time to learn something from an MASTER..

(it takes about 10,000 hours of doing something to become an total Master at something – they’ve proven that)

Then you can go learn something else. That’s why each generation gets Exponentially smarter and better – they don’t have to do ALL the hard work on stuff other people already did.

Then *you* can do the hard work on stuff that *NOBODY EVER DID* before, which Changes the knowledge of the world. Yeah, *I think big.* Really Big.#

So it’s not about finding teachers: Find the Experts and learn from them. Teachers do the best they can, but *they* are learning from Masters (hopefully a Master wrote the Teacher’s text book) and then, knowing a tiny bit more than you, teaching it to you.

Find the Masters when you can. Learn from them.

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