People like to believe horrible things about other people. Scapegoating. We like it as a species. Disgusting really.

Yeah, I remember the hysteria in the 80s as well; and it’s based on an ancient myth from the 19th century that “children don’t lie”, which became “children don’t like about such things”.

Bullshit of course.

Children lie just like adults lie and when you’re being interviewed when you’d rather be playing, you say whatever needs to be said as convincingly as possible to get out of the interview.

Child + human psych 101. Plus when you get wrapped up in a story, especially when you become a part of that story, and it pleases people around you to TELL your story they way they like to hear it… you keep telling the story the way people want to hear it until you tell it to yourself.

People forget the authority levels involved and how that changes the stories ppl tell.

Mind control and brainwashing is really impossible because we *can’t* know what someone is thinking based on what they say or do.

The real myth is that we think we can know Intent. We can’t.

Yeah. Once you know all the common scripts about “this is how life is” that people play by, mind-reading is easy.

Kids on Generation Z (“youtube gen”) love scary stories, and write their own.

Five nights at Freddy’s series is one of the most popular games played by kids from ages 6 and up for the last couple of years. You’re trapped in a chair as a security guard and pretty much try to survive the night by a series of complicated moves. The jumpscares alone will make you poop your pants if you’re not ready for them. But after a while the kids get immune.

People see a blond haired kid and think he’s telling the truth. He’s telling the idiot interviewer what he wants to hear.

I haven’t been following the case.
But I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids were lying about being hit. Maybe they weren’t lying. The thing is – there’s no way to tell. Its just stories. Just stories.

The adult world is quickly fooled by a kid telling them what they want to hear.. They know that we’re stupid.

Yeah I’m coming in dead cold into this case. I don’t follow the news at all; this is the first I’ve heard about it, so you’re basically seeing all of my biases exposed.

My biases may or may not have relevance to this case.

Ok. I read one of the articles. Sounds like a classic custody battle or something like that gone nasty.

People like to believe horrible things about other people. Scapegoating. We like it as a species. Disgusting really.

I was going to go into teaching. Took child psych courses – tests accurately pins me as “middle school teacher, special ed” [meaning – teaching slower learners and ‘gifted’ students alike – those kids outside of the “Bell Curve”.

Anyway, 1990. It was the era of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Male Teachers Want to Rape YOUR children, and the beginnings of the Boy Scout controversy. Awful environment for a single male to go into teaching. So I said fuck it and went into computers instead. Made good money. I don’t regret it, but I hate the fact that an ENVIRONMENT could keep someone from doing something they’d be good at.

Thankfully, out crops the Internet and I get to do it now for thousands of people, instead of 30 a year in a single classroom – and I get to avoid all the politics. So it’s better smile emoticon

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