People like that have and will continue to be with us in America.

Scott Forman four years of vague ominousness. I like specifics.

I’ve seen two major danger events that concern me:

The Boogaloo during the George Floyd riots starting fires

And those that stormed the capital building which included boogaloo for sure but also included those that shouldn’t have been there but went along with the plans gleefully.

The Boogaloo are a problem.

I know a few and not all of them are necessarily far right per se but overthrow is the goal.

So they are my main concern but I also know that since George Floyd and now January 6, I think the powers to be are going to pay closer attention.

Somewhere in between the Boogaloo and far right Republican is a strange Q zone.

I hope they follow through and form a proper party.

That should siphon off Q people into a more public centralized face.

Its those that would not join at that point that I would be watching.

An example is two or three militarized kayaks were stopped up the Potomac in the hours before Biden‘s inauguration.

People like that have and will continue to be with us in America.

Disrupting the ease of online meeting for them was the right idea.

I shouldn’t so easily see their movements and know their plans when I’m not involved but I did.

People who want to plot and plan are going to do so regardless but Jim from around the corner who doesn’t know his static IP from his router shouldn’t so easily join government overthrow plans by downloading a friendly app from the App Store.


Scott Forman but having said that, there’s also big money.

Dark money going through politics should be an easily traceable thing.

That’s one of the things on Biden‘s agenda that I’m happy about. It’s also bipartisan as some work in this area has been done through Marco Rubio back in December and got bipartisan support.

So within politics there are normal people who disagree politically but equally understand the dangers of allowing certain things into government.

That’s what a lot of the power had come from: not a ragtag bunch of individuals.

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