people have been calling things cancerous (and people autistic) commonly for a while now.

Yes, but haven’t you in the past argued that one can’t change the meanings of words on a whim? Or maybe it was just a part of another conversation where somebody else said that :)

I don’t care that people have been calling things cancerous (and people autistic) commonly for a while now. I was just sharing my nephew’s epiphany. He just didn’t put two and two together before and when he realized he hit a painful spot for this kid he just met, he realized it was a faux pax to watch out for.


Cancerous is overused though. As a meme it needs to drink bleach. It’s about 5 years old now.

momgetthecamera 360noscope mlg air horns era.


I started hearing “normies” among 4th graders around 2013. That’s when I told myself, “Don’t use normies”. Not that I did but I have a rule about trends: [it’s just my rule]:

When a trends starts at college age and trends downards in age, by the time it reaches the 4th graders, it’s commonplace, has entered the general vernacular and needs to go the way that fidgets spinners will eventually go.


If you were President of Earth Zachary, would you make authoritarian changes to enforce socialism?

Ah that. Yeah, a good “meme rule” is: if you want a better shot at going viral, misspell a word.

Guaranteed comments, clicks and shares.


While some people *are* genuinely bad spellers, most viral memes are misspelled on poipose in oarder to grab quick attenshun.


You don’t believe in self-organizing systems among humans?


I like the chaos of the internet myself. An interesting part of the chaos is that it’s not ENFORCED chaos (except for places like 4chan when chaos is enforced as a rule due to forced anonymity) – and that it’s possible to have places with moderation, rules, etc.

To me, anarchy includes areas with order, otherwise it would just be another authoritarian scheme of some sort.


the “light touch” of order on top.

The internet has order on top and on bottom (if you read the internet organizing documents from past and present they’re very controlled, dry — and point at things to come that we don’t have yet but will) – and through those rules, the plumbers of the internet keep things running.

Routers are a great example of good plumbing: They don’t read the contents of the packets and have no real memory. This makes them a nimble, plumbing-like mechanism. They *could* have been designed to keep logs, have an SSD hard drive to hold copies of flowing traffic but they don’t.


Oh FB is definitely not decentralized enough. Nothing about it is really. That’s what makes FB occasionally creepy: The moment I hit submit and before you see it, my words go through all sorts of parsers, translators, keyword checkers and things.

Image analyzers if an image, etc…


I’m of the Tribe that is Beyond Tribalism” is yet another Tribe, it’s true. It’s an easy trap to fall into. I’ve done it too.

During my religious questing phase, I remember a period of declaring, “I AM BEYOND CATEGORIES”. But no, I just sucked at categories. I still do.



So, a loose set of “Generally agreed upon principles”? What about enforcement?


Old term: “Peter Principal”. Still holds true. People advanced to their level of incompetence. The reason you know this is because they stopped advancing. Why did they stop advancing? Because they’re not competent enough to be successful at their current position, meaning they’ve progressed a level too far.


But what of different groups of people each coming together for different causes?



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