People aren’t books. They’re a series of choices.


  • You make valid points. Yes, I was being dramatically dismissive of the 20 year old to equate it to the easy dismissal of the 96 year old in the regular version of the question.

    People aren’t books.

    I don’t have a problem with infant death, abortion, infanticide, geriatric-a-cide, murder, suicide, accidental death. They’re all the same.

    Somebody once lived.
    Somebody is now dead.

    It happens. It will happen to me. I’m glad it hasn’t yet.

    A baby isn’t a blank book, nor is a 20 year old a person with 20 chapters.

    A baby is a human.
    A 20 year old is a human.

    Both human.

    I chose the baby. It’s logical to me. They’re starting at a newer point in the Timeline of humanity. They’re less influenced by old antiquated ideas, questionable schooling, minds already formed by experiences, relationships, roleplaying as toddlers and youth, influenced by society.

    Yet, they’re still not books, even if it sounds like I’m equating them to books as well. I’m not.

    They’re individuals with choices.

    The baby can make fewer choices. Mostly try to make sense of everything. By two months, they’re recognizing faces a _little_, still learning to control their limbs properly, suffering through some REALLY great difficulty in making sense of everything, newly joining us on this planet.

    The 20 year old has had and made millions of choices already.

    Mind you, I’m pro-choice 100%.

    Parents choose to abort, that’s their choice. Yet, baby didn’t get a choice. Baby lost. I support the right to choose and I know that some people don’t get a choice. That’s how it is.

    Murder, tragedy, they ran out of my favorite coffee flavor; sometimes we don’t get to choose.

    But given a choice, I choose to maximize choice myself.

    Kenneth Udut I can’t chose the hearts of other people. The 20 year old could easily have been a total prick that the world is glad to get rid of with no heartfelt anythings felt. I don’t know. I also don’t have a problem with you choosing to choose the 20 year old for your reasons. That’s fine. It’s your choice. Robin French I’m not going to chose for you.

    Kenneth Udut I could never abort. Yet, I’ve paid for abortions twice with no trouble to my conscience. My friends needed the money. I knew why and I was ok with it.

    Why? It was their choice and their friendship to me is important, and what’s important to them is important to me. I wasn’t going to impose my will on them. It’s not my way. It wasn’t my choice to make.

    If I was in their shoes? I’d do something different. But I wasn’t. They needed money to solve a problem and luckily I had it. If I didn’t have the money to spare, I wouldn’t have. Ethically, I’m fine with it. Friendship was more important and I like to help. I was in no position to demand their girlfriends carry, nor would I have. Not even if it was my son or daughter who needed the money for it.

    This question can easily be an abortion question. That’s why I bring it up.

    The first 3 months after birth has become considered, “the fourth trimester” and eventually, it will become legal. That’s just how it will be – societies attitudes change and they’ll be entirely justified by reams of paper.

    I’ll be fine with it. Not my choice. Society has its own will. I have mine. My choices are never up to a majority vote


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