People are often confused by the

^People are often confused by the "One Minute Manager" of dealing with bad news. It known to work on employees, adults, customers, kids too. It's simple, but bewildering if you see it and don't realize it's happening. This is how it works: When you have bad news to present to someone, you start off with a Compliment ("Great job on such-and-so!") then the Complaint ("But you really shouldn't hav…e done this because…"), Then end with a Compliment ("But it really was a great job on such-and-so"). I use it ALL the time since the early 90's and it always works on the person I'm dealing with. It's a way of talking that makes you appear to be Mr./Mrs. Positive – everybody ends up with a smile – yet the bad news comes through just fine with just the quickest frown which goes right back to a smile. Example: Kid breaks a window. "Wow, that was one heck of a fastball!" "But you know you have to apologize to Mr. Smith and we'll take the cost out of your allowance" (wait for agreement) "But man, we'll have to get you in training camp this summer to work on it – just stay away from those windows – haha" pat on the back. Money comes out of allowance, kid apologises as required and no hard feelings from anyone. It comes so automatically to me now that I don't even realize I'm doing when I'm doing it :-) But I highly recommend it – it feels strange at first (it did to me back in the early 90's) but then it comes naturally.^

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