^People are not inherently selfish, despite^

^People are not inherently selfish, despite constant reports to the contrary.

All of the world, scientists have proven, over and over again, that two strangers in a room together will always be completely fair with each other.

The ultimatum game: One person gets $10. That person gets to choose how much to offer the other person. If the other person takes it, they both keep their shares. If the other person rejects it, they both walk away empty handed.

Researches assumed that most people would offer something like a $1.

But in USA, Japan, Russian, Germany France, Indonesia – everywhere they tried the experiment – all offered $5.

A 50/50 split. Completely fair.

Nobody wanted to offend the other person.

Except those with a brain that lacked empathy due to brain damage.

And that is surprisingly rare.

(but if the other person is invisible – in a neighboring room for example and unseen, the situation changes for many. Still though, hard-wired into the majority of human brains, is sympathy and empathy. There's hope for us all yet).^

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