peeking into your own future – I’ve had a lot of them and it’s fun.

psychologically, according to… perhaps it’s Erik Erikson, I dunno anymore; late 20s/early 30s, is sort of a “nesting phase” Not that it would be a permanent nest per se, but the desire can be strong in many.

Late 20s, I was going into a monastery. Ended up getting random good job, saving 53% of income and buying house in Florida (mortgage tho’, so, no, only buying in a theoretical sense, given perfect achievement) – and so, nearly 13 years of “nest”.

Final nesting place? Doesn’t matter so much but ol’ Erik seemed to be somewhat correct. I should re-read and see what he said for 43, which on the 28th of this month, I shall be. I doubt there are any surprises beyond what common aphorisms say, but I was hooked on “peeking into common ideas about what my own future should be – from my first time seeing an age-by-age psychology book (“Your Child from 9-16″ – a giant 1950s book I read in the 1980s when I was like 12/13 years old for parents + educators of the time – and I got a peek into my potential near future),

“You may find your little girl suddenly closing herself in her room, and spending enourmous amounts of time listening to Jazz Records that you do not approve of. Do not be alarmed – this is perfectly normal behavior”

I still remember the jazz record thing. I knew it meant “some music adults won’t like” even at 12 and it was a sneak peek into age 13 and by gosh, there I was, somewhere in the midsts of age 13 finding myself doing just what it said, as I had read a year prior, just without Jazz and it was other types of music – and I remember laughing because *I* got to peek into my own future.

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