Peace breaking out. A friend asked these questions and I answered.

Peace breaking out.  A friend asked these questions and I answered.
1. How does peace break out?
2. How does it grow?
3. How can we sustain it?
4. How do we never forget what war has done to us?

I’ll answer as best I can.

1) Peace breaks out from within individuals. It cannot be forced from without, although there are some partial solutions I’ll mention at the end.

If you see an “us” and a “them”, you are not a friend of peace.

From within the individual, the way you approach people, your friends, your family, neighbors, strangers… your opinions about groups of people you have never met… the level of adherence to the stereotypes you form about strangers… these things all affect the breakout of peace. They can lead towards peace or away from peace.

That also answers 2.

3) Small course corrections. You stumble, then you stand.

4) Don’t get cocky.

PEACE FROM WITHOUT: [systems changes]

1) Diplomacy is the key to peace breaking out. That means: Communication through proper actions and proper words.

2) For peace to grow, education to dispel rumors and myths that naturally develop when people are in fear and are in search for power to relieve fear.

3) To sustain it: Ongoing efforts for 1 + 2.

4) To always remember: 1 +2 + 3.
-Kenneth Udut, 03/24/2016

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