PDF conversion is a pain but its free if you look. PDFTK

I’ve tried a bunch; I usually end up doing a copy/paste using a different PDF reader like Foxit or .. oh that old one that’s shareware ugh – into Word and then going through some quick reformatting.
I’ve got a buttload of windows PDF –> xxxx converters; they all work to varying degrees.

Try https://www.pdflabs.com/tools/pdftk-the-pdf-toolkit/ if you’re comfortable with command line – it’s free. I once converted a 1200 page thesaurus to text that way (don’t ask why) – by using it to convert first to BMP and then I was able to sharpen them in bulk (using Irvanview or imagemagick – not sure now) – and then I used *something* to OCR them into text. (I don’t remember what now)

But I’m a textfile kind of guy; I usually bring things down to txt and *then* bring it back up into Word or whatever I need to use.

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