Patriotism doesn’t mean “Shut up and trust him”. It means caring about the country and its future direction.

I have to live here.

a) Trump can speak for himself.
b) He doesn’t ask me to be a patriot.
c) I wasn’t speaking about Trump when I referred to pseudo neo-nazi: I was referring to the people I’ve spoken to over the past 18 months that went ga-ga over him.

It is because this is the country I live in and fellow citizens of my country are pseudo-neo-nazis who are using the same tactics as Trump to support their arguments.

Maybe he’s as innocent as the new born spring. But I’d be a fool if I had my eyes shut.

Patriotism doesn’t mean “Shut up and trust him”. It means caring about the country and its future direction.

You can have a little ‘objective debate space’ in a hypothetical imaginary world. But I gotta live here, so that’s why I care.


Of course some of his supporters are pseudo neo-nazis. They *think* they’re nazi or neo-nazi, but they’re fakes. But they believe it. I’m friends with a bunch of them oddly enough., during my research time when I was looking into this new subculture that I saw forming about two years ago, ,a mixing of mens rights activism, stormfront, 4chan ‘edgy meme’ cultures, all rolling together in a ball and I wanted to understand it better. This is before Trump announced his candidacy.

They exist and see Trump in nearly religious terms. An interesting bunch.


They believe their memes won Trump the election and get excited when a piece of fluff they generated ends up in mainstream media and they declare a victory.

What they don’t realize is that a Republican _ ANY Republican _ was going to win this election. It’s our cycle.

The fact that he did so poorly is what surprised me.


We tend to commit human rights violations on prisoners, illegal immigrants awaiting deportation, mental health patients, some children in foster care. The US has its shameful parts.



I’ve read somewhere recently that, like the USA, even though India seems to be a democracy, it is really an oligarchy where the few rich control the direction of the country.



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