passive-aggression get off the internet

That’s better 😀 The reason I sided with Funkanic wasn’t for atheism (I’m neither atheist nor theist; I’m a bit of both, a bit of neither; they’re both kind of irrelevant for me personally – I’m not trying to speak for everybody) – but I had to agree with his initial claims of passive-aggression.

The reason why I know passive-aggressive so well?  It’s because I’VE been called on it.  And I was honestly shocked because I didn’t even realize I was doing it.  Happened a few months ago, elsewhere online but it was a good reminder to be honest in what I think and what I feel when communicating, as best I can.

I can’t speak for the points you’ve brought up; You might well be right; the video might have nothing to do with religion, and Funkanic’s comment might have been unnecessary or even compatitive for all of the reasons you’ve stated.  Or perhaps not  Or perhaps something inbetween.

But now, at least, you’ve given substance that can be debated; challenged; agreed; accepted; rejected; fought, won, lost; picked apart, coallated and stapled. For that, I want to say “Thanks!” and that’s not being sarcastic.  I believe fully in freedom of expression and you’ve expressed yourself freely in your last comment.  I wish I could say something more specific about it but honestly, I don’t remember the contents of the video (it’s been a while since I saw it) 😛

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