Passion: Getting people into agreement

  • Passion:
    Getting people into agreement
  • That everything is extraordinarily old and extraordinarily new at the same time
  • to be well loved and respected
  • writing, thinking, studying, dreaming, planning.


  • Nice
  • musician
  • easy to talk to
  • writing
  • problem solving (I act as if it is all on me)
  • at spotting opportunities
  • getting consensus opinion before acting
  • being driven when necessary


  • Live comfortable (physical comfort)
  • Give away to build up others
  • honesty
  • positiveness
  • negativity – lying
  • I don’t know what I’d risk my life for – something that would benefit humanity



  • bringing people together
  • Same (spiritual community)
  • evolving mindset
  • anywhere I go

A dream: being in an Osho community

Go to people’s homes and provide them with mental rest and expansion

[personal guru]


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