Parallel concepts across branches of metaphysics:

Parallel concepts across branches of metaphysics:
Being, Existence, Modality, Possibility, Necessity, Reality, Relationship, Change, Knowledge, Properties, Causality, Time, Space, Mind, Body, Ethics, Agency, Action, Rationality, Justification, Value

Branches of Metaphysics:
Ontology, Modal metaphysics, Modal logic, Modal ontology, Physical metaphysics, Action theory, Decision theory, Causal metaphysics, time (philosophy of), mind (philosophy of), Epistemological metaphysics, Meta-ethics

5 word or less description of branches:
Ontology: study of being and existence
Modal ontology: study of modality and existence
Modal metaphysics: study of possibility and necessity
Physical metaphysics: study of physical reality
Action theory: study of agency and action
Decision theory: study of rationality and decision
Causal metaphysics: study of causality and effects
Philosophy of time: study of time and change
Philosophy of mind: study of mind and consciousness
Epistemological metaphysics: study of knowledge and justification
Meta-ethics: study of moral value and justification.

5 word or less summary of each concept

  • Being: essence and existence of entities
  • Existence: state of existing
  • Modality: possibility and necessity
  • Possibility: state of being possible
  • Necessity: state of being necessary
  • Reality: state of things as they are
  • Relationship: connection between entities
  • Change: alteration over time
  • Knowledge: understanding and awareness
  • Properties: characteristics of entities
  • Causality: cause and effect
  • Time: progression of events
  • Space: physical dimension
  • Mind: cognitive processes and thought
  • Body: physical aspect of entities
  • Ethics: moral principles and values
  • Agency: ability to act
  • Action: behavior and deeds
  • Rationality: logical and reasonable thinking
  • Justification: grounding and evidence
  • Value: worth and significance


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