^*PARADOXES* are fun. Optical illusions, puzzles,^

^*PARADOXES* are fun. Optical illusions, puzzles, brain-teasers, riddles, koans, mysteries. *But* did you know that paradoxes are quite everyday and normal?

A thing is often TRUE and FALSE at the same time.

Every time you have a question, or don't understand something, or don't know something, you are literally "stuck in a corner". You are confused. It is a mystery. You don't know if something is TRUE or FALSE, RIGHT or WRONG. You don't know where to go next. You are lost and have no plan or map or process or rules to follow to get out and keep moving forward to your next destination.

That is an everyday paradox.

They are uncomfortable and more than just challenges for scientists and religious people to try and figure out: They are a common part of every day life. We all experience them, from the very beginning.:

A toddler has an idea in his head – an image of "going outside", but the caregivers block them at every turn. That toddler is stuck in a paradox, and cries, because paradoxes hurt the brain and make no sense. Reality doesn't match the pattern in the brain, and that hurts, physically giving you a headache.

Over the course of time, we learn to work around paradoxes in every day life, but we never fully get used to them.

But I think that can all change. You don't have to be stuck in the maze forever, no matter what everyday or fun or "life's work" paradox you are trying to digest.

I believe it is about having a factual mental model with perfect decision making guidelines that will guide your decisions in the immediate moment (which seems to be about 2-4 seconds long).

I think that is the gist of what I am working on. I'm still not sure where I will end up but it gets more clear as I go along. I'll keep working on it until I find somebody who already did it. If not, then I'll publish my results when it's finished. This post has some of my results in it.

Going from obscurity to clarity, from complexity to simplicity, from too many parts to a cohesive whole.

-Kenneth Udut, 06/01/2013 11:31pm Naples, FL USA simplify3@gmail.com^

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