Paradoxes are Engines

Paradoxes are Engines
The funny thing about paradoxes, they’ve never been mystifying to me. I suppose it’s because I don’t engage in pure logic much, except for occasional fun.

Even in programming, pure logic is a trick to me; a useful way to XOR or NOR something. In my mind, there’s not enough room for another option, so it “flips”, but if this flipping flips the surrounding things and has to flip back again, well then I’ve just made a loop.

If I continue the loop with time control in the middle, then I can have nice little engine of sorts.  Add user input, and I have a video game.

In short, paradoxes to me are engines of sorts. Once you start them, they keep going, fueled solely by the artificial constraints placed upon them.

So to me, what I wrote above is both true and false, neither true nor false, either true or false, a bunch of BS and absolutely cosmic truth, and a bit of clever wordplay all at once.

I have yet to find a “contradiction” that isn’t solvable in some fashion.

It can be very USEFUL to believe in paradoxes-as-significant because it can spurn on great amounts of prodigious work.

[ie – that’s why I consider paradoxes an engine]

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