Paradox at the heart of mathematics makes physics problem unanswerable? here’s the answer. You won’t like it.

photons vs force carriers + mass:

a) They’re different ’cause they’re different
b) they’re different because they’re not the same
c) All it takes is two ++ and one – at the start (so to speak)* to provide boundary conditions that allow for distinct behaviors that can’t be reconciled by something that requires an =.

*go with handedness instead, whatever. You get the drift.

d) category errors. I’ll leave that there.
e) at its foundations, the axiom/proof system is the problem. What’s in the middle of the axiom + the proof? the /.
f) What’s beyond the axiom/proof system? Us.

I could go on with my oversimplified, easily rebuked set of arguments.

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