paper. So you’re still st…

Yeah actually thinking back trig was kinda fun. Lots of graphing. It was geometry and calculus i didn’t care for. I suspect it’s because geometry is taught oddly. I know it’s probably necessary, but still very odd. I do notice with my ne, even at age 8, they try to teach some proofs. I hope it “proves “to be the right way to go about it. Sometimes you don’t have to know the concept to be able… to do something. And personally, I don’t see a lot wrong with cheating. When you cheat, find creative ways to reach an end goal, you still have to take notes. You still have to have exposure to the material. So, even if you don’t fully comprehend it, you are still doing it. In my mothers day, she had a teacher that once said “I don’t care if you cheat. You’re still either writing it down, or reading it off somebody else’s paper. So you’re still st… “

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