Paper and the Philokalia and religious influences in my thinking through the years.

Paper? I remember paper. There’s this thing called a printer than people used to use. It allowed them to freeze the state space of their computer image onto pressed and sized wood pulp. bleached white so they could take the computer with them, without bringing the whole computer with them.

Got it [actually I love books] Hard to answer non-religiously; the Philokalia in my 20s influenced my experiential subjectivist side as did reading something about the Vipissana Meditation before that… and well, I could go through a whole host of religious things. In my 30s I started to get woo’d by the Science Channel and oo-spooky-quantum msytery for a bit but then that was less satisfying.

I *did* go through an Anthony Robbins phase somewhere in my EARLY 20s.. he was influential… with NLP-lite. It worked for me though… and some “Power of Positive Thinking” guy -.. ah yes – Norman Vincent Peale pamplets as a teenager.

Can’t single out any particular book though. Philokalia was probably the most influential. I mean these guys sat in the caves and THOUGHT… did a whole heck of a lot of thinking… and writing.. and, well, I respect the heck out of that in studying experiential consciousness. The religious aspects can easily be stripped out if necessary and the whole thing treated psychologically – that’s easy enough. The information is still valid.

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