Panther got my goat about 10 years ago.

Panther got my goat about 10 years ago.
My fault: I didn’t have a top to the cage.
I didn’t know but should’ve.
He was already 7 years old, a mistake (a buck – who buys a buck?) and the death was super quick. [I was on the lanai when it happened – I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT until hours afterwards – and it was 50 feet away from me]
Goat was nice and quiet after complaining. I thought I had a break from the complaining.
Got a wildlife biologist over and they found Fred’s skull, told me what happened.
Panther came in three times to the cage. First the kill straight to the neck, then what it did the two other times.
Lesson learned. Don’t get a male goat – they smell bad and complain. Also, put a top on your cages.

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