panic attacks you got this

43 now. Life of them. Lots of techniques work.

I agree with the 15 minutes. Usually its 20 for me when it gets past the beginning. If you can stop it while it’s starting, even better. Sometimes you can’t. 20 minutes of hell, but it does pass.

Breathing techniques seem to work best. I had biofeedback when I was 11 yrs old. It did the most help in conquering the worst of it.

A mirror too. See yourself. You wont’ want to. But it takes you out of yourself a little.

Knowing what’s happening to your body as much as you can helps too. Your self-dialogue is going to go 1000 miles an hour during the attack.

Feed the dialog with good stuff – MASSIVELY EDUCATE yourself about all that’s “ok” about it the experience. It gives your self-talk something to talk about.

and remember two words:

“It’s just”… and…

“I got this”. [or I can do this – or whatever phrase gives you a sense of power. You can ride that boat ’til the 20 mins is up]

And yeah – exercise. Walk. Run. Pushups. Situps. Break a sweat.

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