Panentheism confirmed. It is indeed a highly compatible stance. To go one step FURTHER to allow for things like Miracles and interventions, that is shown last. 3 similar philosophical stances that connect otherwise very different philosophical stances. (Next, a rap battle? Yes)


I went from: “philosophical theory compatible with laws of physics being different overtime?” (philosophical naturalism), added divinity (panentheism), added miracles (panenthistic interventionalism).

thank u #ChatGPT


Philosophical naturalism
Philosophical naturalism is the view that the natural world is all there is, and that supernatural explanations are not needed to explain the world around us. This view is based on the idea that the natural world can be studied and understood through empirical observation and scientific inquiry, and that our understanding of the natural world should be based on the evidence that we gather through these means. Naturalism is not the same as atheism, although some atheists may be naturalists. Naturalism is a philosophical stance, while atheism is a belief about the existence of gods.

Is there a form of philosophical naturalism that allows for the possibility of divinity?

Yes, there are some forms of philosophical naturalism that are compatible with the existence of divinity. One example is panentheism, which is the view that the natural world is part of God, rather than God being a separate entity from the natural world. In panentheism, God is seen as the source and ground of all being, and the natural world is seen as the manifestation of God’s being. This view allows for the existence of divinity, but also maintains that the natural world is all there is, and that supernatural explanations are not necessary to understand the world around us.

Is there a version of panentheism that could allow for such things as miracles or other divine intervening ?

panentheistic interventionism
Panentheistic interventionism is a belief system that combines panentheism with interventionism. Panentheism is the belief that God is present in everything, and that the universe is a part of God. Interventionism, on the other hand, is the belief that God actively intervenes in the world and in human affairs.


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